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When I needed to record a song, and wasn't feeling quite ready to do my best, I called DANELLE! Not only did I gain great vocal tips, tricks and techniques, but I also learned some informative songwriters legalities. All while feeling like I've made a friend for life. Thanks Dee for being you and offering your outstanding services and friendship!


Lanika ~ S.O.U.L | http://thesoultrio.com/

Social Media Marketing for Musicians Workshop, Maui

Thank you so much for presenting the workshop. All who attended enjoyed your class. 


Karen Arakawa | Maui Business Resource Center

Danelle with Jade

...came to my rescue in my time of need and totally turned me around in the span of two days. I can't wait to work with you again... thank you for being the best!...♡



"Thank you so much! You gave me some super helpful pointers in terms of getting my finances in order as well as a plethora of other business & life tips!" ~ Tania Willis 

Success Strategy Session, Los Angeles

"Danelle is fantastic! Energized & Informative! So much learned!" ~ Karen S

"Knowledgeable. Would recommend to others" ~ Nara Boon, Howard M, Charles G

"Very Inspirational and Practical"~ Ken S

"If we could bottle and sell you, we'd be millionaires!" ~ Karen S.

Music Business Success Plan Workshop, Maui

 "I've learnt so much! Thank You!" ~ Mel

 "Informative" ~ Joe Todd

Social Media Marketing for Musicians 

"As a performing musician who sometimes works for royalties instead of cash, I needed help navigating the complicated ins-and-outs of the music publishing world.  I booked a consulting session with Danelle Harvey, and she is indeed the ultimate MusicPreneur.  She walked through all the scenarios I was considering and helped me get to the right answer for my situation.  To help protect yourself in the business and for all things entertainment contract, Ms. Harvey is a wizard!"

Ryan S

“I now understand how a bootleg or unauthorised download can be damaging to an artist or a label and the differences between a major and indie label.”

“I would definitely consider setting up my own label and am now aware of the bodies, legalities and personal requirements of doing so.  Very thorough yet easy to understand.”

“I never thought that ethics in the music industry was possible but thanks to this workshop, I now understand that they can be. Tygahoney [DANELLE] are ahead of the game and very forward thinking”

"Ethics into Enterprise" Young Co-operatives Event, N & E Yorkshire, Priory Street Centre, York

 & Ethical Fair Trade Business Workshop


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