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  • Motivational success boosts and accountability reminders (via text and/or email where possible)
  • PDF contents including: User guide, monthly calendar, success tracker, schedule and task tracker, notes, and content planner with tips, and notes section.
  • Purchase of any kit plan gains you access to our private music mastermind accountability group and members only group and monthly success strategy session.
  • Annual subscriptions include 1 social media 1 to 1 strategy session and email access to your strategist. 
  • Resource library access provides you with unlimited access to our music business resource library for the duration of your kit plan.
  • Monthly tracker kits will be delivered for each paid month of your kit plan.
  • Your first success kit and message will be delivered via e-mail within 24 hours after your order is placed.




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Ready to own your social media game?

After teaching about music biz success, hosting workshops, and working with artists who needed help with crushing social media to make money over the years, I noticed a pattern. So, I decided to create a simple but effective product that provides you with the tools you need to get cracking and get results on social media. And I did. *Voila!* I designed this success kit and I'm SO excited to share this with you! It works as a standalone product, but it can be used along with our monthly group success strategy sessions.


If you need more help the kit can be used alongside private strategy sessions too:


You might wish to know exactly WHERE to find your ideal followers, or HOW to work artist magic to succeed and make the income you deserve, or WHY your hard hustle isn't showing any (or enough) returns in music income, or WANT to put together a success strategy based on YOUR needs, superstar!


We're artists. We're special and unique - I can show you how to do it, get past feeling stuck, lost or confused, and succeed on YOUR terms. I've done it, I still do it, and I'm here to help!

Just reach out here if you'd like to know more: CONTACT ME.


Danelle x

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